Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Tournaments were bad. Especially the abortion that was the WPBT at the Orleans. Worst. Tournament. Ever. Falstaff did a great job with setting it up but the tournament director at the Orleans was a complete dick. Man, was he an asshole.

Cash games good. Miami Don was right. Things were on the soft side. That is why I avoided confrontations with other bloggers.

Dealer choice with bloggers at the was a drunkfest. Or at least I was but what do you expect. Downing Makers Mark for 5 hours prior to showing up can do that to you.

Oh, and Metal Skool totally fuckin' rocked!!! It was a great time hanging with Blood and hearing some good music.

More later.


BadBlood said...

Amen bro.

Drizztdj said...

Make sure someone gets outted for the mimosas. :)

pokerpeaker said...

If you're there in December, I'm there for Metal Skool.

BrainMc said...

Nice to meet you, sorry I didn't see you later after the tourney to buy you that beer.

StB said...

If they get picked up. I believe Metal Skool is playing the HR through July.

No problem Brian, there is always next time.