Thursday, June 14, 2007


I didn't last long enough to call it the Mookie. I believe I was in all of 17 minutes. Ran K K into A K and saw not one A, but a second as well to knock me out. All the money was in preflop and Zeem drew out. So it goes.

Now maybe I got spoiled by live tournament play this past weekend, but didn't these blinds go up pretty fast? Full Tilt has 10 minutes levels? Guess I never realized it before. I thought they were 15.

After the WPBT tournament on Saturday, I headed over with some of the guys to the Tilted Kilt before heading out to dinner. Just before I left, I realized I was sitting with some of the power brokers in the poker reporting world. Dr. Pauly of Tao of Poker fame was sitting across from me. On my far left was the Poker Prof of LasVegasVegas. You want to know what is going in Vegas? Poker, shows, shopping, news, pics? It is all at LasVegas Vegas. Also across from me was Dan Michalski of Pokerati. Though he didn't have a pink shirt on, it was nice to talk with him. His people have been attacking the WSOP both at the table and around. Spaceman from Bluff was at the far end with Rachel, the newly crowned WPBT Champion. Grubby, the bloggers slot expet- hey have I got a nice story for you on playing the Wheel of Fortune machine. Only people missing were Otis from Pokerstars and the Wicked Chops boys. Not that I left Change100 out, she of Pokerworks and Pokernews. I ran into her as I was leaving the Kilt.

Toss in the many other people I met for the first time on this trip- bayne, brainmc (you still owe me a beer), Irongirl, Alan's brother John, Poker Gnome, some of the Full Tilt forum people at the IP, among everyone else. Apologies for not listing you. A trip that I thought I may be disappointed with turned out to be very good.

Guess Metal Skool and strippers can do that for you.

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