Monday, June 18, 2007

Playing the rush

Both the Mookie and RiverChaser tournaments were total abominations for me last week. I played little poker because of it. Did some Triple Draw and went south. Tried some SnGs that didn't pay off. Thus when I finally got on a rush, I went for it.

The game wasn't poker though. It was a booze raffle at the church festival.

Saturday night is when I hit my rush. I won my first bottle of booze right away, good old number 6, the last paddle bought. I came right back with a quick second win. I knew the streak was good and real. How could I stop now? Only 2 bucks a paddle. 4 bottles of booze being won every round. I was finally on a rush and had to keep going.

The rest of the people began to fear me as bottle after bottle was pushed my way. The cute brunette on the side was eyeing me up. She noticed who her competition was and looked to be changing up her play. Others stayed away. It took some time to sell the rest of the paddles one they saw I was in. When I won a bottle of wine on the next draw, I think I heard someone say "Same winners all the time!"

But like all good things, even rushes come to an end. The paddles soon went cold. I stepped away, booked my win and went off for another beer.

It did feel good to win again.

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iamhoff said...

A win is a win, and a rush is a rush. Take it and move on to the next thing. Besides, now you've got something else to drink when you sit back down at the virtual felt.