Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Played like a fiddle

I had some fun in the last Wheatie. Wasn't playing tight, nor was I playing loose. I think my table would disagree with my claim of not playing loose. I was a tad loose in the blinds, but played like a rock from early position. When the time seemed right to snag a pot with air, I took it. I guess my instinct was on during the first hour.

But it left me in the second. I made a terrible play and got bounced. I didn't think about the hand my opponent had when I made the call. I was in the SB with around 3k and had been dealt A Jo. There was a raise from MP. I called to see a flop of K K x. It checked around. With the turn J, I bet half the pot, around 550. I was quickly raised.

That should have been the flashing light to get on out. I would still have enough chips to pick and choose a place to get back into the tournament. I was far from being crippled.

Instead I made a hasty decision. I put him on a mid pair and pushed. He flipped A Ks and I was done. My opponent played me like a fiddle.

I should know better than that. Laying down that hand isn't hard. I would have been alive and with an M around 15, could have found a better spot to make a play. But I had fun.

Big thanks to Wil for hosting these tournaments over the last couple years. It has been a good time. I can proudly say I won two of the Wheaties, though I am still awaiting my bracelets for doing so.

Now I need to sit at work for the next 7.5 hours. I won't get much done. My head is already in Vegas. Before the Wheatie last night I played some hold em, both limit and NL. I intend to play both out there. I know my NL game is weaker but I have had some success out there in the past. It has been my overplaying of hands that has cost me money. I know I can overcome that crutch. Hopefully I learn more this weekend and have some success.

I look forward to meeting new people out there. Just look for the guy with the Drinking for Jesus shirt on Thursday or the Brewers jersey on Saturday. I will be more than happy to buy you a drink.


BrainMc said...

As much as your instinct was "on" I guess mine was "off." I'm not sure what my image is that someone would call tons of chips with the lowest possible spade on a 4 spade board. Oh well, certainly not the way I wanted to end the series.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Hey StB, you know I'll be at the Rio on Thursday in WSOP #12. If you're around before you head out to meet up with others or whatever, come on down and look for me -- I know we've met before last summer but also my cell is 646 342 5645 if you want to give a call or a text and I can let you know where in the big wsop room I'm at. Otherwise I'll catch ya Friday at the MGM if not earlier.