Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Another Mookie, another quick exit.

There were 61 runners in the Mookie last night. I wasn't one of them. Sure I was entered, but I wasn't in contention after about 10 minutes. Once again I donked myself out. I started off well and thought I was focused but I was wrong.

My starting table was going to be interesting

Joe Speaker

23 skiddoo

AQo to start off the tournament. There was 1 limper so I go with pot bet. I wasn't worried about running into a fancy play with A A right off the bat. Flop is A high with 2 hearts and I bet 300 and take down the first hand. Some people believe if you win the first hand, you are destined to lose. I don't believe that that crap. At least, not yet.

Soon I would get K K in the BB. It folds around to SB who completes. I bump it up to 115 and he calls. Hmmm. Flop is Q Q 3. Did he call with paint? I toss out a bet to see his reaction. A smooth call would be suspicious. Instead, it is a fold. Good to know the cowboys won't get cracked right away.

I went to get a beer and missed some action. Speaker was out! Apparently he flopped a set with his 10s. Problem was GMoney flopped a set of Queens. Ouch!

I am raising a lot of pots now that I jumped out to a small lead. With A Jo, I raise another. But then there is a re-raise. I decide to gamble and call. Flop is all diamonds though. Crap! I quickly fold.

I then fold for the next 25 minutes and promptly donk out with A 8s. Yep, A 8s. I was finishing up a SnG and was paying more attention to that. Some guy was winning pots with crap hands (including a big pot he took off of me with bottom pair) and I didn't like him. So with all the folding I was doing in the Mook, I wanted some action there. So I raised in EP. Osu called as did one other. Flop was K high but with two clubs. Hey, I have two clubs. So I check-raised him hoping my A was good. It wasn't as he showed A K. No club and I make another early exit.

One thing I must remember is that you cannot check raise someone if you don't have enough chips to scare him off. Man was that an atrocious play! I hang my head in shame just thinking about it. Heck, it was a piss poor showing last night. Hopefully the RiverChasers can pick me up.

At least I won the SnG.

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