Thursday, May 03, 2007

Another uninspring Mook

Walking the line of loose aggressive and mixing up your game can be troublesome. I tried it last night and basically got nowhere in the Mookie. From the get go I was done, running A Q into a turn push that I had to fold. From there it never got any better. The highest chip count I believe I had was 1700.

Thus when my Q Q was cracked by jjok's 10 10, it just seemed fitting. I expected the 10 to hit, just wasn't sure if it would be the flop, turn or river. Those queens were the best hand I saw all night. Thus we my crappy play before, I really didn't deserve to earn any points.

It somewhat felt like a kick in the gut then when I walk into work and quickly notice Howard Lederer's puss on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. The article (hope the link works) is simple. Is poker a game of skill or luck? Sadly they don't answer their own question.

But Lederer does have one great argument.

"The vast majority of high-betting poker hands are decided after all players
except the winner have folded. So if no one shows his cards, can you
legally argue that the outcome was determined by luck?"

Check out the article if you can. But do yourself a favor and skip over Annie Duke's stupid comment about losing on purpose. It is not the brightest thing a poker player can say.


jjok said...

That TT hand was pretty gross.....sorry man.

StB said...

Hey, it happens. Nothing to apologize for.