Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Corrections and congratulations

I realized in my haste to post about the Blogger tourney, that I did not update the actual prize. Sir Al was kind enough to pony up the extra dough to ensure a seat was won. Congrats to brdweb on his win. You could go and leave a comment but his comments require some log in that most people probably don't have.

Last fall during the trip to the Bash, I played some blackjack with brdweb. He went on a tear, stacking up chips while I couldn't hit squat. Seeing how he has offered 1% to all final tablers from the tourney, I will have to sweat him a bit in his event. I just need to check what day #15 is on. If he can hit his stride at the WSOP, we may all make a little pocket change.

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