Friday, May 18, 2007

No chasing here

When I looked at the RiverChasers leader board earlier in the day, I immediately had one goal in mind. Pass Al in the standings. If I couldn't cash, I wanted to do well enough to pass up the hippie in the standings.

I was going to play tight. No stupid moves like the one I tried in the Mookie the previous night. I was going to find spots to hit big pots instead of little ones. I even tried a Phil Hellmuth trick and showed up 30 minutes late.

None of that mattered. I was beyond card dead. Pocket pairs twice, A Q once. That was it. So it wasn't too surprising that when I got K K, that A J would suck out on the river. That's poker. I did earn a couple points (I think), but not enough to get past Al who easily outlasted me.

I did wonder if I made a mistake of being too tight. Blinds were 60/120 when I got the kings. I only had 385 (?) in chips. I was pathetically low as my last two blinds were the same old crap I had been receiving. Sure any two cards can win, but I have a problem getting all my chips in with a 30% chance of winning. Call me strange.

But then again, sometimes you need to do just that. I don't think it would have mattered though even when I had 600. With Hoy doing the raising, I knew I couldn't push him off any hand with a raise of just 300 more. He is calling every day and twice on Sundays for a minimum more. And Q 3 ain't going to cut it either.

So I sadly went out with a wimper. The best hand of the night defeated. At least I got hooched up at the bar and only paid $10 for 6 beers- half of that ten went to the bartender as a tip.


Anonymous said...
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Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Well I was just going to weigh in to say "Long Live the JackAce!", but now I don't see how I can follow that last comment up with anything so minor as this.

StB said...

Time to delete that fucktard.