Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Mook rolls me again

It was another miserable showing in the Mook. In fact, it was a miserable night of poker. I went 1-3-1. That would be a small win at HORSE, 3 losses in MTT (two token SnGs), and a break even at Razz.

The two losses in the SnGs really sucked. One guy hit his two outer and I check raised him all in with TPTK. I felt good about the move until his K hit the turn. Soon, in the other SnG, I would push with a short stack with A Ks and run into 10 10. As good as the K on the flop looked, it paled in comparison to the 10 that hit the board as well.

Yep, nothing like playing for an hour to go home with nothing.

In the Mook, I semi-donked my chips away. I didn't play a hand for the first 15 minutes. I figured I could raise with just about anything and get away with it. That was a bad idea. Sure I got loose with K 9, but the flop of Q J 8 with 2 clubs gave me a gut. I figured most people would have noticed my tight play so I tossed out the continuation bet, about half the pot to make it look like I wanted the call. Turn was no help and I bet half the pot. I now had my opponent on a flush draw. If the river was a blank, I would push. Sure enough, I pushed. And was called by A J.

Being called down by second pair irked me a bit. I didn't have to fire all 3 bullets, but it was the only way to take it down. Now one could argue that they had a read on me. If so, I say bullshit! I had never played with this person before and had not played a single hand (except for the blinds) up to this point. All I could do was sigh and put a note on his name.

It could have been worse. At least I didn't get slowrolled by him. On the next hand, with just 30 left, I was all in with A Q. Same guy and Otis got involved. From what I recall, the action unfolded just like the previous hand. Otis kept firing away, but I believe he actually had something unlike me. On the river, Otis pushed. The other player took his time and then started talking.


"are you sure?"

He then called showing a full house, made on the turn.

Not good. People, no matter what, don't be an ass at the table. There is rarely a place for slowrolling an opponent. It will come back to kick you in the ass. And that could literally. I am sure this donkey will get his soon enough.

To an extent, I am happy there is no River Chasers tonight. Just not running well. I don't think it is necessarily my game that is bad right now (part of it no doubt, but not all), just can't get over the hump. I may not play until next week at this point. I need some tokens for the WPBT even as well as the RC bracelet. Hopefully, I can score those soon.


Falstaff said...

TAG. You're it.

Go to my blog to see what I'm babbling about.

Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I'm with you, man. I'm actually glad there's no Riverchasers tonight. I've never run this poorly in blogger tournaments in my entire online poker career, and I can't imagine how this streak will ever end. I lose when I'm ahead preflop, I lose when I'm behind preflop, and I've even made a nasty habit of losing when I'm dominating and ahead on the flop and still get the guy allin with nothing. It hurts lately, man.

Drizztdj said...

Slowrolling Otis?

I'm still shocked.