Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I haven't been playing much poker lately. With much nicer weather, I would rather be outside than stuck in front of a pc. But that doesn't stop me from reading during the day. Sometimes I don't like what I see. There seems to be changes going on the blogosphere. To me, most of these changes aren't that good. I could say they are rather sad.

It appears more people would rather read someone bitch about losing a hand than a decent trip report or how someone played their tournament. Reading a good rant can be entertaining but when everyone else begins to do it, it gets tired. Quick. Especially when people think that insulting someone for the way they played a hand is the epitome of entertainment.

This shift towards just bitching about how lucky someone else got just isn't good. Or insulting others for how they played in a blogger tournament. If you cannot sniff out the Hammer, then you shouldn't be playing poker. If you do not realize that they games are more social than serious poker, maybe it isn't the game for you. Don't assume that others are not taking the game seriously because they are playing on the loose side. Ever think that you just so happen to catch them while they were changing gears? Or that maybe they had a bad read and just so happened to get lucky. It happens. Get over it and yourself.

I don't see BadBlood, F-Train, the guys at Up for Poker, or others complaining about their bad beats. They don't have Matusow meltdowns or Hellmuthian blowups. They get over it quickly and don't need a profanity laced tirade to paint the picture of what happened. The funny thing about this, is I would bet most of the players bitching probably do not care for Hellmuth or Matusows style, but they are falling in their line, walking down that same path.

Vegas is just over a week away. Looking over the list of attendees so far has been somewhat disappointing. Looks like the old guard that first started these fun gatherings is mostly absent. I am all for meeting new people but seeing old friends was something I always looked forward to. Maybe the list isn't updated. There has got to be more than 31 people showing up. I am not complaining though. It does take some work to get all of this done so go thank Falstaff for his efforts. Make sure to buy him a cold one when you see him in the bowling alley.


BadBlood said...

Is that room still crashable? I'm on the verge of saying fuck it and booking a flight.

Bloody P said...

Amen, bruthah!

Easycure said...

I apologize for not going this trip. I will not be there to defend my Gigli title.

Have a (light) beer for me. Bud Light. ;p