Tuesday, May 08, 2007


I haven't played much poker lately. Besides hitting up some of the blogger tournies, my bankroll on Full Tilt has been on the low end. When I do play I try to earn tokens for other events so it has been kinda boring. I need to hit one nice score to lift the funds up so I can get reckless again.

Maybe this Sunday in Miami Don's Big Game...

It is just under a month away. Only 29 days until Vegas.

I am so in need of a vacation to just get away. Go somewhere without a care in the world, with plenty of booze to keep me going. I heard they have that in Vegas so I figured I must go.

I have spent some time game planning for the trip. Nothing is ever set in stone. Going with the flow works well in Vegas, but having ideas can help. Thus I am searching around looking for things that might be interesting.

I get in Wednesday around 11 pm. Should be checked in at the Rio and good to go by midnight or so. Hopefully I can get in touch with Pauly, Change, or Otis and see if they are done working for the day so I can buy them a drink or five. Before hitting up some Pai Gow of course.

For once, there is actually some music I wouldn't mind seeing. Usually bands that interest me play either a week before or a week after I am in Vegas. For example, I see Tesla is playing the week after. But of interest is Metal Skool (Thursday) and Richard Cheese (Sunday) both at the Hard Rock. There has to be some hair metal fans that wouldn't mind crashing the Metal Skool show.

And in between drink and toss chips like a fish.

I should be playing the WWdN tonight. Hope to see some people there.

And brdweb, if you read this, shoot me an email stb31@hotmail.com. I need to transfer your the funds from the bracelet race.


Donkeypuncher said...

Richard Cheese rules.

meanhappyguy said...

Can't wait until Vegas either, it'll be my first blogger meet-up. It might have been a week or two ago, but Iron Girl and I were throwing around the idea of seeing if Pauly wanted to make a trek out to Red Rocks during the extended weekend.

I'll be getting in Thursday night and driving back to Tahoe on Sunday.

Alcohol in Nevada? Where?!