Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mind boggling video

I think I may have been as stunned as Iggy was when I viewed this video . It is mind boggling in so many ways that it cannot be real. In the end, I am not sure what was worse, some of the thoughts he had (such as 9 4 being a better hand than A 9 because of the straight possibilities???) or that he may have a blog featuring strategy on play money tournaments.

Just remember, learn to fear K 7. It is a pretty good hand!

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Goat said...

I actually posted on this a while ago. If you watch long enough, it becomes clear that it's a joke. Eventually it just flies off the deep end, and he's telling you never to play big pairs, because 'that's not how I like to win', etc., etc.

But, as with "Borat", its genius is in how closely it hews to actual donkery on the tables, and the guy's absolute comittment to remaining in character.

Fantastic stuff.