Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Small w

I think I can chalk up yesterday as one in the W column. At least as a small w.

I haven't been playing much lately. With better weather, there are most things in life to enjoy. And I think by not playing as much poker lately, I have been enjoying the game more.

Beside the weather, blasting away most of my Full Tilt bankroll had not helped. In fact, it took me off of my game. Instead of playing any of the guarantee tournaments, I was playing the token tournaments for cheaper entries. And it wasn't working. I found myself playing my opponent's game, not mine.

It wasn't until I was below $100 that I realized what I was doing. It felt like I was waiting for the monthly welfare check from FTP to arrive. In fact, I thought of not playing for a couple of months to allow it to build back up. Or I could go back to the tried and true practise of playing SnGs for cash. I knew if I could stay focused, I could be patient and wait out the small stacks when bubble time was around and punish them when good cards arrived. Or in some cases didn't.

So I felt good cashing in two of three SnGs last night. They were only $10 buy-ins but I need to start somewhere. Sticking around to 11 in the Wheatie helped boost some confidence as well. Though it felt like my cards were total shit for most of the tournament, I found some areas I could exploit and felt I could make that final push. If only I didn't have to chop a pot, I would have been in contention (calling my push with K 7 for 3/4 of your chips is a great move! Damn board had to pair a second time!)

Now I wonder if I can shake this monkey they call the Mookie off my back tonight?

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