Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rollercoasting the Mookie

I never limp with A A.

Well almost never. Actually, I like to believe I will not limp.

But there I was at the final table of the Mookie last night, I believe second in chips, limping either UTG or UTG+1 with A A.

I believe I was called in 3 places. Not good.

I ended up losing to a set of 6s, hit on the flop. Can't say they would have folded that hand to a raise or not. I doubt it so to an extent, it probably didn't matter. But I think I would have been happier having my aces cracked with I had raised the hand.

Instead I went out with a wimper in 6th? I think so. Not sure as I had gotten back from the bar just in time to play and throughout the course of the night, drank the rest of the beer I had in the house. I was even encouraged to run out to the store and get more at the break. Would have if I could have. Stores were already closed. Instead, I had a bottle of Maker's Mark to hit if needed.

I was a bit surprised to make the final table. The deck was hitting me hard early. As Joe Speaker put it, it was giving me a concussion. And I was doing my best to take advantage of it. I built my stack up and wielded it pretty well. It afforded me the opportunity to really mix up my play. Gave me the chance to not only steal, but to resteal as well. Restealing is a much better rush than stealing.

I was cruising pretty well, sitting in the top 3 for most of the first 2 hours. Then I lost with A K
vs 7 7 and dropped right to the bottom. I was getting ready to break stuff over the cursed tournament until the deck slapped me around again. A couple timely pushes and doubles got me right back into the game.

So I was disappointed that I wasn't able to make a mad rush at the end. I am not happy with the way I played those aces. I felt I could catch Zeem, who apparently had crushed his other tables and had a big lead. But I screwed the pooch instead. Oh well. Can't complain too much to getting back into the game. Congrats to willwonka on the victory.

Check out Linda's rant at Table Tango about Harrah's expo during the WSOP, The Gaming Life Expo-Girls, Games, and Gear. Strange something like that happens still happens today.

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