Sunday, April 29, 2007

Bracelet race

Sadly, we did not get the needed number of players to send a blogger to the World Series, but 58 showed up to play.

I didn't like my draw at first. Having the Luckbox on your right is never good. Having Pokerstage, Lucko, and Lightning there wasn't good either. But I could do anything about it but play.

Not much happened early as people settled in. Pokerstage was raising it up and chipping up. I was just hoping for a chance to hit it big. I would do that the first time against him. With A Qs UTG, I popped it up. But Pokerstage came back with a re-raise. Hmmm...let's see a flop. Flop was Q 3 3. Guess I will be seeing more cards here. If the flop didn't hit, then I would be gone. I checked knowing he would bet. Did I want to raise right away or not? I just called. Turn was a 3. Now I have a full house. Nice. Or so it seems. He goes all in. He has me covered as well. Does he have aces or kings? Can I fold a full house? No and no. I made the call and was relieved to see 9 9.

That vaulted me to the top of the pack. I would really only play one more big hand just before the break. Because I hadn't been playing many hands, I called a 3xs raise in the BB with 10 7s. Glad I did as the flop came 8 9 J, a straight. I checked and just called the bet though I maybe should have raised as there was a flush draw there. The turn was nothing and all the chips went in. He had flopped a set of 8s. Wow! I felt bad as the board didn't pair up on the river and I was over 10k.

I was able to drop the Hammer before I got a set of 5s would take out Maudie. Then the cards went cold for a bit. I got some chips with preflop re-raises with some pairs. The 5s were good to me again as they took out the Hammer. I am shocked I didn't lose the hand as I know better than to mess with such a powerful hand.

I took out another opponent when they pushed with J 9 to my Big Slick. Then started to pick off pots now that the antes would included. I took a small hit when my 7s ran into As. It knocked me out of first place.

But then aces started running wild at the table. Thankfully, I was a recipient and they weren't cracked. That popped me back into first with just 20 left. From there, I had to deal with F-Train and then Bobby Bracelet being on my left. But flopping some sets doesn't hurt. But when they don't give any action, it does. Going into the second break, I was sitting just over 20k and in 2nd place. At least I can watch the Sopranos for a couple of minutes.

Not much happened when play started back up. I dumped some chips to Bob with second pair. I try to steal with K Q but run into Aces. Just can't get much going.

I had fallen to 7th by the time we hit the final table. And friggin F-Train is there on my left again. Great. It doesn't matter much as I keep on folding. Cards are colder than cold for me. Can't even play the Hammer at this point.

I do get a double up with A Ko. Pops me back over 20k. Leader is only at 25k so there is a lot of play left. But more folding ensues. I try to steal with Q 10s, but the flops is bad and I can't continue bet it. My opponent could have pretty much anything w5ith the way he has played. I get the blinds with 5s and then thwart a steal with Q Js. I knew he had the steal and would not call.

But all good things come to an end. I make a re-raise with 8 8 and get called by 10 10. No suckout for me and I was done in 7th.

I can't complain. I was happy with my play. Could have been a bit more aggressive in some spots but played well.


TripJax said...

I thought the final money spots agreed to send the dough to the winner so we could send a blogger...

StB said...

True. I forgot to add that. I am assuming I will be receiving an email with the details.

brdweb said...

You played a good game man. Now just go out and hope that I make you some cash! :)