Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Flunked MATH

I flunked out of the MATH tourney last night, lasting a whopping 30 minutes.

It was the hand immediately after a table change that sent me packing. 10 10 in the BB. After everyone and their mother limped in, the SB popped it up. I figured he was going for a squeeze play, a move I would have made. So I re-popped it to just under a grand. Only the SB called.

The flop was J high. He checked and I bet just over half the pot. That was a mistake as it committed me with just 600 behind. He waited and waited and pushed all in. I called to see his set of Jacks. Goodnight and good luck.

On my way out I accused him of slow rolling and called him an a-hole. I apologize for that as it was not a slow roll, but a way to make me think he was stealing it back.

I knew I probably shouldn't have played to begin with. Mondays don't work well for me. After being out at a ballgame on Sunday, drinking the day away, I usually use Monday to catch up on sleep. The last thing I should be doing is playing a tournament- double stack nonetheless!- when I am beat.


Chilly said...


You can only slow roll if you have the final action. Someone contemplating a raise cannot slow roll. They can only Hollywood.

Get your nomenclature straight.

StB said...

I did. It just took 5 minutes for me to recognize my error. Hence, my apology.