Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Move along

Nothing to really talk about today. I went out early in a frenzy tournament when my K Qs was beat by A 6s. The BB called my 4xs bet. Flop was very friendly, J 10, 8. I had the flush draw, the OESD. My opponent pushed. The best was more than the pot. That alone seemed fishy, but I had the outs.

Or so I thought.

Well, that sucked was the only thing I could think of. I wasn't mad. I don't think his play was exemplary. Something I wouldn't do necessarily. Calling the big bet when you are behind, praying for a flop, and then pushing a draw isn't necessarily a bright idea. The only hands that will call you are going to be ahead or have big draws.

I then went on to make a bad call in the Wheatie. I had been muddling around most of the game. Played the Hammer hard to just about triple up and got myself into contention.

People should be smarter. If a 7 hits the flop after someone had raised it preflop in a blogger tournament, you do not re-raise. Betting into the Hammer just about always certain doom for you. Sure enough, my second pair became trips on the turn, and a boat on the river. Cha-ching!

But I would soon screw it up. With K Q on the button, I went for the steal. Not only did the SB call, but the BB, Budohorseman, as well. Flop was Q high. SB bet and then Budo raised all in. At this point, my mind stopped and I made a rather quick WTF call. I didn't take the time to analyze the situation. Q high flop. A bet and a raise. I wasn't afraid of the SB betting out. He was pretty loose. But a quick raise all in? That should have set off major alarms and told me to slam on the brakes and watch. Especially because it was Budo.

But no, I made the call and was sent packing. SB had KK, Budo A Q. Why SB didn't re-raise is beyond me. Sure you can attempt to slow play it for a huge pot, but you also can lose it all just like he did.

That is the kind of hand that aggravates me. I had a reason to go for the steal, but every reason to fold the flop. Making the bad play pisses me off.

I should be around for the Mookie tonight. Just need to make sure I hit the liquor store first so I can get revved up for the game.

Any suggestions on the brew for the night?

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Drizztdj said...

I've been snagging pint and a half bottles of Fischer's lately.

Decent lager