Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I have my flight and room booked for the WPBT Summer Classic. Looking at a long stay of 5 days. I really need to get away from the workplace and relax. I have a room booked at the Rio. The rate I got was cheaper than the Orleans. Even with cabbing it to and fro, I will still be better off. Plus, I am sure I have a much better room than what I would get at the big O.

I didn't play that much poker this weekend. When I did, I got taken down by inferior hands and inferior plays by inferior players. Apparently calling a re-raise with A 3 suited, thus committing all of your chips, is the way to win your tournament.

I don't think I will be playing the Wheatie tonight. I may be going to the Brewers game instead so no title defense.

Don't know how many of the Battle of the Blogger tournaments I will be playing. With them at Full Tilt, it will be tough. My bankroll took a hit last month and it is quite thin. Most of my time there will be playing token games just to get in these events. While the token games are usually easy, being taken down by A 3 suited can dampen one's spirits.

But the plan as of now is to hit the Mookie on Wednesday. I should try to save some face and get my name on the scoreboard.

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