Friday, April 06, 2007

Last longer tilt

I went on some serious tilt last night during the RiverChasers tournament. I had a nice drunken rant going on in the chat all because of it. Now that I think about it the next day, it was rather ridiculous. Even though I came in 3rd last night and helped my meager FTP bankroll, the tilting is still in my mind.

I went on tilt shortly after getting in a last longer bet. The amount was nominal, the buy-in. We were basically even in chips (he had 30 more?) around 3300 or so. Within 5 minutes I would dump half of my stack and look pretty bad. But here is where the tilt comes in. My foe in the last longer bet went on auto-fold.


My initial reaction was "He is going to win a last longer by folding and waiting for me to screw up? That is bullshit!" As I raged on like a madman, someone pointed out a simple thought. Maybe something came up and they had to log off. My beer boggled mind skipped over what was probably the obvious answer. So I was able to get an email address and send them a message asking what happened. And told them to pay up! If they had an emergency, I am willing to drop the bet. I don't want to win like that just like I didn't want to lose like that.

I think was set me on tilt was the concept that someone could win a last longer bet by not playing. It feels like an insult. They are saying you will beat yourself. That they can win not by beating your with their skill, but by watching you implode. Kinda like having a Matusow meltdown.

I ask this question. Should someone be able to win a last longer bet by simply not playing? I feel that they shouldn't because the spirit of the bet to play to win. But as the bet implies, who ever last longer win. Doesn't state how you last longer, just that you last longer.

Anyways, I guess that is what happens when you go from work to bar to poker game. The stupidest thing can set your beer soaked brain on tilt.


pokerpeaker said...

Jordan explained it in his post. Did you see it? I hear you on what your brain can do you when you're a little tipsy.

bayne_s said...

Got to laugh at this one, reminds me of some of my alcohol impaired reasonings of youth.

Last longer bet is equal to buy-in so autofold is at best +0 EV.

Congrats on winning last longer bet against the cheating ISP impaired Jordan.