Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Drinking and Mooking

, After the grocery shopping was done, I headed next door to the liquor store to get some drinking material for the Mookie. I knew I was better off driving down the road to a proper liquor store if I wanted to find some really interesting beer to drink. But being lazy, I figured I would at least go in for a look.

When I saw the Maker's Mark on sale, I knew I wouldn't be going to a different store. With a bottle in my hand, I headed over to the beer to make due with what they had. As I pondered over the beer in the cooler, I noticed one on the shelves outside the cooler. Lakefront Cherry Lager. Below it, was the Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat.

I hadn't had the Sam Adam's Cherry Wheat is a long time and recalled not being too impressed. But I couldn't recall drinking the Lakefront. As I drove home, I was pretty sure I had. Sure enough, I had some last year and enjoyed it. I looked forward to enjoying it during the Mook.

Two beers are down when the table shows up. Al is on my right with GCox next to him. Jeciimd, willwonka, and crazdgamer are the only other names I recognize. Hopefully I don't donk out right away. Or confuse the Mookie with the token frenzy I am in.

Typical start. Not much is happening. I get some good hands to start in the SB. J J and A K in the first two orbits and get nothing out of it. I raise with A K and A Q and just get the blinds. You know how exciting that is.

Al takes chips off of me when he flops trip 9s. Of course my K in out there as well and I give him some coin. Meanwhile in the token frenzy, I continue to fold.

Things get interesting when I raise it up with the Hammer. Get two callers. Hmmm....flop is J 10 3, all diamonds. I bet 500 into a 650 pot. Crazdgamer folds but Al is thinking. Can't be good. But can't be too bad either if he has to think. He finally folds and I can display the Hammer.

But the glory would be short. With A Qs, I raise it up again and crazdgamer seems determine to play hands with me. Flop is 10 K 10. He checks. I check behind as well. Usually I will pop the continuation bet but something doesn't seem right. Turn is a rag and now he is betting out. I fold and he shows A 10. Ah, the dreaded A 10 tried to suck me in.

I catch a bit of luck at Al's expense. With A Q, I just call his raise. Flop is 10 K 4. He checks as do I. I hit the J on the turn. Now Al bets out. I decide a min-raise is in order. It may show strength but look like a steal. Afterwards I realize it was a bad bet as it left only 350 behind. Al doesn't call and take down a nice pot.

Table seems pretty tight suddenly. Not sure why. Over on the frenzy, I keep folding away. I get a timely double up just before the break when a huge stack decides to play his A 3 against my J J. He doesn't hit any of his 3 outs and I am just over 5k with 37 left. Puts me at 18 with 24 getting $75 tokens. I then notice Drizz is just behind me. Hopefully we can both hang on for the token.

Nothing much is happening now. I can steal a blind here and there, but it is still pretty tight. So I try to loosen things up by raising with A 7s. Oops, get a caller. Try the continuation bet but it gets raised. That didn't work. To make things worse, I accidentally hit the call button on the next hand as I am UTG. Crap! I finish the first session at 1800, dropping 800 just before the break.

Right off of the break, I get A Ks. Not bad. A player in EP pushes. Gotta call. He shows 10s. Flop is no help but the turn and river are both Aces and I am over 3k. Over on the token frenzy, some dickhead has been moved over with a huge stack. And all he does is push. We are at the bubble and he pushes every hand. There are no tiny stacks at the table. His actions are meaningless. Really pisses me off when I have to fold 9 9. I know he ain't got jack but still, I don't want to be the doofus again.

Because it is hand for hand and the jackass to my right keeps raising, the blinds zoom around to me. I get A Q. Same hand I busted on the bubble a couple weeks ago. Thanks to the asshole, I am out in 25th and miss the token. #$&#%&*$^%^#$@!!!!!

Now I just dumped my chips in the Mook by calling a reraise to my reraise. I just have 10 10. My opponent had K K. Hits a K on the flop and I am basically done. Yep, done in 35th.

Still mad at the ass in the frenzy. No need to be pushing for 20 hands straight.

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Drizztdj said...

I still don't get the logic behind it either.

All those bets are severly -EV even if he does have Aces.