Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Hellmuth and his blow ups

No not blow up dolls.

Like others, I am enjoying Pauly's recaps of the WPT Championship event. Great reporting as always.

So it seems that Hellmuth is not only leading, but came close to ripping a guy a new one. Berated a dude for 3o minutes. Here is how Pauly called it:
Here's what happened. Hellmuth raised under the gun to 20K and Buchanon reraised to more than 50K at the CO. Hellmuth called as the flop was 10d-6d-3h. Hellmuth check-called a 120K bet. The turn was 7d and both players checked. The river was the 9c and both players checked again."I got a pair of sixes," announced
Hellmuth as he tabled As-6s. Buchanon flipped over K-7 for a pair of sevens.

And boom goes the dynamite!

Think about it for a moment. You make a read and decide that maybe Hellmuth is not that strong. For all we know, he is playing a lot of pots and Buchanon is folding a lot. He may have been working hard to cultivate a rock hard image. Buchanon may want to mix it up, change gears. So he re-raises Phil hoping to take it down now. Instead, Phil calls. A continuation bet is made that is just called. Both turn and river are checked.

So if Phil's read is that good, why didn't he bet one of the final streets?

But the worst part of the story is after someone going off on him for some time, his best comeback is "learn to take a beat".


Does this Buchanon have no balls?

You have a perfect spot to tell someone off. To put him in their place. You just outplayed a top pro and can tell him exactly that. But the best you have is "learn to take a beat"?


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