Monday, February 04, 2008

Bonus hunting

I have been playing a lot of PLO8 lately. The main impetus was a combination of collecting the bonus offered by Full Tilt and to get ready for Saturdays with Pauly. Of course I didn't realize that Pauly's game of PLO, so my gunning for the low hand screwed me at first.

I feel I have a decent grasp on the game. I understand the concepts of what starting hands are good and am now getting a feel for other hands (mainly high only) that I can possibly see a cheap flop on. But I know I am missing some bets because I am playing too cautious or tossing money away because I am chasing a low with no chance at a high.

My worst enemy once again is myself. I need to exercise patience with this game. I understand what Drizz is saying when he talks about folding a lot and then trying to get paid when he has the nuts. Same with Al and his peddling talk. There are times when I am calling bets in hands I have little business being in. When focused, I am done well. But it is those times where I am chasing that kills me.

Listen to Axl. Just a little patience.

I also wonder if I am missing some bets. When having the nut low, is it wise to bet pot when the flush possibility is out there as well? Am I overestimating my opponent's hands, thinking they may have the nut low and the high meaning I am about to get quartered or do I get in every penny that I can and hope for the best?

I also may be folding when I should realize that my opponent only has a low. That part of poker instinct is beginning to click in PLO8. Especially when the bets are small, it seems to be a good idea to make the call and take that chance.

In the end, I am enjoying it. It is a nice break from hold em. I just need to keep my poker ADD from getting me off of Omaha and onto something else. Until I clear the bonus that is.


Drizztdj said...

It also depends if you're playing 6-max, if you don't loosen on those tables the blinds will kill your stack.

Being able to know if someone is jamming a one-way hand is huge. Also, the level you're playing make a big difference as it does with HE (big differences start btwn the $25 and $50 tables then again at the $200 tables, and if you don't like money the $5/$10 NLO8 game is best out there).

IM me tonight or sometime this week as I'm bonus hunting as well on the PL/NLO8 tables.

iamhoff said...

"I also may be folding when I should realize that my opponent only has a low." That's one of the biggest things I've realized in PLO/8, is that (particularly at the lower limits) more people seem to play just the low. The one that really hit it was a flop that was mainly low to middle cards, and nothing higher than a ten hit the board. Eventually, no low could be had and I scooped it with my pocket jacks. Everyone else was on AK, AQ or lower pairs. Crazy.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

I just wrote a book on this that should be coming out. Might want to pick it up for will make the money back.

Leonardo Michael said...

Yeah Omahas a rough game to get the hang of...I stii havent got the hang myself