Sunday, February 24, 2008

Turning it around

The weekend was better than the week. Made up for some of the losses incurred earlier, but not all. But I am seeing the light.

One key was getting deep in Pauly's PLO tournament. I didn't donk myself out early this time around. I didn't make the final table or any money but was happy with the way I played. I believe I got tossed out at 11 or 12. I was content because I didn't make any really stupid plays.

That carried over to the PLO8 tables where I ground out some small profits on both Saturday and Sunday. Discipline was high and I found myself being cautious about both my starting hand selection as well as chasing with hands that would just win the low. The down side was folding some hands when I knew my opponent was not strong on the high hand and that I could have taken them down. In due time, that will change.

It wasn't all peaches and cream though. The frustrating part of the weekend was not winning more. I saw a lot of strange plays going on. Poor timed bluffs. People chasing when they didn't have the nut low. People not realizing their pocket aces weren't any good on the flops. It was a thing of beauty to see happening. I just couldn't get enough hands that would allow me to profit at these donkeys' expenses.

I did play some hold em as well. A cheap 90 seater with knockouts. Ended 3rd with 4 bounties collected. I didn't make any stupid moves and cruised through the tournament without ever being in jeopardy. Until we got to the bubble. A suckout on the river made it a bit difficult. I raised from EP with A J. The SB called. With a 7 high flop and two hearts, I pushed. Instinct told me I was ahead and he maybe would call with the flush draw. Instead he calls with Q 10, no hearts. WTF? The Q on the river had me cussing a storm. I only hoped I would have a chance to get my chips back.

In fact, I knew I would get the opportunity. The quality of play was so pathetic. The dope on my right was raising with absolute crap. I let him steal my BB when he went all in the first time. But with only 5 BB total, there was no way I was folding K 10. Sure enough, he turned over 7 3 and I double through. This continued to the final table where any two face cards was an autocall to a push. I ended up going on in 3rd when my A 10 got rivered by A 6.

So the weekend ended with some success. Here's to keeping it going. I figure it can't be as bad as last week was.

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Drizztdj said...

If you're still not laughing about the most recent border battle, give me an IM jingle when you're on.

I'd like to win back Minnesota's pride with a last longer in a PLO8 tourney :)