Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If I hadn't chased with a pair,

I might have been the pimpdaddy of the HOE last night. Instead I finished 4th.

At least that was much better than my result in the Bodog Blogger tourney. For whatever reason I cannot get any traction in that tournament. I have not been able to slow down in the first hour and a half and thus donk off chips. The pace of the tournament seems so painfully slow. Not sure why that is. It must be my lack of patience.

I had a great chance to double up early in the Bodog when I raised with A J and promptly flopped a straight. I wanted to milk it for all I could so I made a continuation bet and just called the raise. I check raised the turn and then cringed when I saw an A hit the board. My mind was telling me my opponent had K J and that damn A was going to be a split pot.

From there I slid down and ended up pushing with 10s. I get the quick call from yestbay who shows A K and promptly flops an A. I hadn't been winning races so it wasn't a surprise to not win this one.

I was hoping that wouldn't carry over to the HOE event. Things got off to a slow start for me but I found my niche in the Stud H/L early. I managed to chip up nicely and spend a good amount of time in the top 5. But I got a bit greedy in the latter stages trying to collect some bounties in O8 portion. I quickly slid from top 5 to bottom 5. Still amazing how crappy everyone plays O8. Twice I had better hands get beat from people aggressively playing high hands preflop with no chance at a low. And when they go into awfukkit mode, you know they are going to win the damn hand.

No Mook for me tonight. If I remember, I will be playing in the RakeBrain LeCheese Challenge after work. I believe it is scheduled for 5pm CST if I read it correctly. I hope to squeeze it in before heading out to the bar to make an easy $50 bar tab.

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