Monday, February 18, 2008

Hi Lo weekend

I didn't play a single hand of hold em this weekend. Except for a little Razz on Friday night with Peaker, I played nothing but PLO8 at the .25/.50 and .50/1.00 levels. Oh, I did play in the Saturdays with Pauly. The tournament was a total abortion.

I did ok in the PLO8 games. I am not up by much since I began tracking my results. For the most part they are going as I expect. A nice win here or there balanced by a big loss. Lots of small gains and losses spread in between. One thing I probably should track is how long each session is. Currently they last about an hour and a half. I quit either when I am losing focus/interest, or if I drop a big pot by either a suckout or a stupid call by me. Sadly, there have been too many of the latter.

I have read that playing successful PLO8 takes a lot of discipline and patience, something I have been lacking as of late. This is part of the reason to spend many hours on this game. I beleive I can redevelop this skill set and bring to other aspects of my play. I recognize myself as a recreational player. I have no ideas of grandeur and at this time don't see myself playing a lot of satellites to major events. That may change somewhere down the line but for now I realize I am better off enjoying the games and continuing to learn.

I have noticed one hole in my play. I have problems laying down a hand that is the nut low, knowing I have no chance at the high and am likely to be quartered. This destroyed a session I had on Saturday. I had a nice gain evaporate as I got quartered in 3 straight hands. I have read you cannot be profitable is you play for half of the pot. It is really beginning to sink in. This is one discipline I hope I can acquire. So far I have learned to lay off a number of A 2 hands that have very little chance of winning a high, especially from EP. If I can fold on the river with a nut low that screams I am getting quartered, then I know my skull isn't as thick as I thought.

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