Saturday, January 07, 2006

Did that really just happen?

I think we have all seen it happen at the virtual felt during SnGs or MTTs. Some guy is playing a lot of hands and hitting, usually on the river. No I am not talking about the Luckbox. I mean that play that will play any suited or any connector, calling all bets, hoping to hit their gutshot, which they usually do on the river. It drives me mad when I see it.

Or the lucky player who gets those guys chasing each hand that they don't hit and he is accumulating chips like he is stocking his bomb shelter. You watch dumb call after dumb call wondering why those morons don't make those moves against you.

It finally happened for me yesterday in a 2 table SnG on Stars. I was flabbergasted when they showed their cards at the end of the hand. Of course, I would end up bubbling when my A K got beat by A J (always seems to happen to me) but this isn't a bad beat story.

This is a did that really just happen story.

I am dealt A Q in the BB. MP limps as does the small blind. Blinds were 15/30. I pop it to 120. They both call. Flop is 10 K Q rainbow. SB bets 120. We both call. I think it is a weak bet that allows me a good chance to draw to the straight or A. If he had A K, he would have raised pre-flop.

The turn is a J. Boo yah! I have made my straight. There are two clubs on the board so a backdoor flush is possible. SB bets out only 120 again. I figure he may have an A as well now. But to find out I pop it up to 600. They both call. Huh? Great, I am up againt 2 others aces and the pot is going to get chopped.

River is the 8 of hearts. Nice. I have the nuts, but figure I am going to see a chop. This time the SB checks. I push all in hoping that one of these players is a total idiot and calls with crap. The MP instacalls me. Damn, there is the other ace. But the SB thinks a bit and then calls.

MP showed K 9 for the dummy end of the straight. Weird. Was willing to put in all those chips with the possibility of the ace high being out there. I would have folded or made a move on the turn. Then again, I wouldn't have been playing K 9 offsuit to that raise pre-flop.

SB turns over....K J? Way to read a board! How does anyone think that K J is good when you have been raised after you made two pair?

I was quite shocked when I saw those hands. Well, shocked and happy. Yes people, the poker boom is over and their is no more money to be made here.

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