Saturday, November 26, 2005

Last afternoon with Pauly

I took my shot at the last Afternoon with Pauly tournament. Came in 16th. Should have gone higher but was drawn out on. It pissed me off at first. I re-raised a loose player from the BB wiht A Jo. He called with K 9o. Hit his gutshot for a straight on the river.


But that is how my weekend of poker has gone. Play tight, get some good cards and have a doofus hit their card on the river to beat me.


Only thing to do is keep plugging. It should come back my way at some point. Shouldn't it?

Big thanks to Pauly for hosting the series. I owe you a beer in Vegas. Bet you get that a lot, huh?


Dr. Pauly said...

LOL. Thanks StB!

Joe Speaker said...

same doofus knocked me out shortly thereafter with Q3o.

I, too, was pissed. But that was mainly because I haven't hit a draw (and I had a good one) since 1982.