Friday, November 04, 2005

I didn't really want to play that tournament anyway

Signed up for the Wil Wheaton weekly. I looked like the maniac at first too playing all 3 hands.
Yes 3.

Got pocket 10s on the first hand took down a tiny pot.

Then tried to slam the hammer down but my opponent turned the straight and I had to fold.

Finally I got the Cowboys. Ran into a re-raise that turned all-in. I even called it typing in the chat that I was running into A A. A good player would fold there, knowing what they had.

Not me. Done at 125. Oh, 128 started so I wasn't first out.

Whatever that is worth. Maybe I will have better luck in Dr. Pauly's tournament.

I thought I would at least get my buyin back on a SnG but that table was so damn tight. I ended in 3rd when A Q went down to A 10 and then a rivered straight took out my deuces.

Crap. Time to hit the bar.

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Whaaaaa? said...

I went out on queens against kings.

I had seen exactly 1 flop in 30 hands...card deader than fried chicken.

Pretty tough to make moves with a table VP$IP of around 19%, too.

See ya next week. (Providing I have any junk left to kick...)