Wednesday, November 09, 2005

As good as what else is on

I feel a bit inspired today after reading the Poker Geek's idea. Over the last couple days I have been getting deep into tournaments just to fall about 20 places out of the money. All except for one is a result of being drawn out. My A Q runs into A J. J J beat by A K. People hitting runner runner flushes. It is quite exasperating. But I feel a bit better knowing I got my money in as a favorite. Right now I am losing all the coin tosses.

So when I read the letter that the Geek had "sent" to the WPT founder, I couldn't help but think what would be even better than those bad boys of poker. The answer was quite simple.

They should show a WPBT tournament. Seriously. It would be as good as any of the celebrity poker, the Ultimate Poker Challenges, or the GSN shows. There are a number of reasons why.

  1. Characters- The WPBT is full of great, funny, lovable characters. Picture a table with Iggy, Dr. Pauly, CJ, AlCantHang, BG, Bobby Bracelet, Derek, Badblood, the Poker Princess & Maudie. You can't begin to imagine the table talk. Hands would be slowed down for dial-a-shots across the table. Prop bets would be slinging around. Guns flexed. Junk exposed- er, well hopefully not. The banter and razzing going on between everyone would have a TV audience laughing on their couches. Of course, Iggy wouldn't be shown on TV but we could always put a fuzzy box over his face.
  2. The play- Wouldn't it be something to see the Hammer played out on TV? Not like Matusow did in the WSOP with his call, but a pre-flop raise and hard action afterwards. The people that will be at the Imperial Palace play good poker. Maybe not "world class" according to some but much better than anyone on Celebrity Poker.
  3. The "relate to them" factor- Regular home game players would also be able to relate to what they are seeing on TV. Not only could they put a face on some of their favorite bloggers, but they would get the jokes and understand more of why some of the hands are played out. They have seen such plays either online or at their home games. It is just a regular bunch of poker players whooping it up, having some fun. Face it, TV poker needs more drinking and bullshitting going on at the tables.

There are more reasons. That I am sure of. Just that now I am brain dead and need to work. But you can see the premise. A show of just a regular bunch of guys from over the country playing poker could work. I am not talking WSOP or WPT ratings but better than Celebrity Poker at least.


Joe Speaker said...

I had a similar idea a while back, a reality show called "Home Game," where a fluid band of half-a-dozen blogger knucleheads travel the country, invading home games which are taped and edited for broadcast.

Al would become a star.

AlCantHang said...

Make it happn' Capn'