Friday, November 25, 2005

Suckered in

I was suckered in again at Party. I logged on and saw the bad beat jackpot was over $550k. So I opened a couple of tables and went to work.

I then proceeded to get smacked silly. Time and time again, some clown hit their card on the river. Have bottom pair? Just call it down and get lucky on the river. Play the K 4 suited to a raise in the cutoff. Call a raise with 3 3 and play it to the river. Sure your 3s will beat my A K when I don't hit. Play 9 2off in the SB to a raise and get lucky when two other deuces hit the board.

I was so frustrated watching the players with the little Poker Tracker fish icons catching cards or calling down bets with tiny pairs. The level of play was killing me when I was sucked out on again and again. But that is why we play. Knowing it should come back to my favor with disciplined play.

I did make a chunk back but it was a losing session. Like others, I may abandon Party. I don't particularly like the site to begin with but the badbeat jackpot is alluring.

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Easycure said...

What, no BONUS CODE Iggy reference?

On his behalf, I say Dammit!