Friday, November 18, 2005

You know, we could save time and you could just give me your money

I went to a reunion of sorts last night. A group of people I used to work with got together to relive the old times. Some were amazed by some of my poker stories.

Others thought I was full of shit.

But he wasn't at the end of the night. For the record, I think I am still drunk as I type this. Note the time stamp. Yes it is just about 8 in the morning.

But said person wanted to play poker. So I indulged him when he found a deck of cards. I though we were going to play no limit. That is why I suggested we just play for $20. But he wanted to play limit.

Mistake on his part.

Isn't it fun when the deck hits you hard in a HU situation? I was getting K K, J J, A Ko a couple of times. I got cards left and right. Even my crappy blinds hit something on the board.

$40 later, he realized he was outmatched. I smiled, thanked him and walked away. I like getting paid to drink.

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