Thursday, November 10, 2005

Wouldn't this be somthin'!

My play last night was rather abysmal. I couldn't take advantage of the clown who liked to push with any two cards. It was amazing watching him win hand after hand when he a huge underdog preflop. A Ks vs. 8 5 off? No problem. Flop the 5 and watch it hold up. This happened time and time again. I hoped to double through on him but it never happened. I switched tables a couple times and never got any traction. That clown finished 62nd.

I got a little redemption by making the money in a 2 tabler, but donked off my chips on a bad read. I think I need to step back and take a day or two off. I feel like I am playing well at times, but I can't get as deep as I need to.

The WPBT Winter Classic is approaching fast. Bill, PokerProf, and HDouble have put a lot work into making this happen. Again, I can't thank them enough. But I also noticed on Linda's blog at Table Tango that she is working on getting Daniel Negreanu to show as well. Daniel even quipped about playing the winner of the tournament head's up in a freeroll. Wouldn't that be somethin'! Granted he may not be in town and this is far from a done deal. Thanks for thinking of us little guys Linda.

Yeah, Vegas is totally on my mind now. It should be a fantastic time, once again.

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