Tuesday, November 22, 2005

BadBlood gets it too

BadBlood plays Poker

Go read what Blood has to say. Then you can click on the WPBT banner above and read about the festivities. If you are not going, you can be jealous. If you are, I can't wait to tip a couple back with you. Guaranteed I will have a beer with me from beginning to end of the tournament.

I wish I had some connection to the Miller guys. It would be funny if a big Milwaukee's Best can would be set up in the corner. Or at the very least, free beer. I can dream can't I?

Any which way, I look forward to doing well in this match. I placed 7th back in June. It was a thrill. I hope to do as well this time. Otis has a nice the great people at PokerStars offering a cool jacket up for the winner. Who doesn't want that?

So if you are considering playing online, click on one of the banner on some of those sites on the right. Show support for the companies that care about you.

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