Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Damn those girls!

I jumped back into the fray tonight. Got involved with the Full Tilt 5k guarantee. 249 to take on. Should be fun.
I watch a guy chip up even though he was really weak. He was getting away with his min raises. Well, not for long. I started to raise it up against him. I jacked it with any pocket pair and played the board hard.

I played my 7 7 aggressively on a K 5 4 flop. I raised his 1/4 pot bet and bet 1/3 on the turn. That was too much for his A Q (or so he said). Before that, I represented a set with 9 9 and two Jacks on the board.

Watched as one guy had his A A cracked by trip 9s. He slowplayed the rockets and was beat by A 9. He knew he messed up and typed it in the chat. So when I raised with A A moments later and showed it, something great happened. Everyone started to show their raised hands.


I pick up some blinds here and there and finish the first session just under a triple up.
The second session starts slow. I play my blinds but don’t get many good hands. I just check in late position with A Jo when 2 people limp and fold to the pot size flop bet. Later when I get A Jo again, I raise it up and all 3 limpers fold. Figured if they are just limping, I must be ahead.
I get a straight with my BB hand of 9 10 but the small blind is way too tight to bite on my min bet. I would have checked the turn, but the flush draw was there. Plus, he has been pushing preflop with any decent hand.

The push monkey on my right is finally called down by someone. Though he bet 1700 with blinds of 100/200, a guy with A Ko decided that is good. A lot of people think A Ko is a great call. I don’t. Not saying I would lay it down, but you are still drawing against a very tight player. Not a good move.

I then get 10 10 and raise it up to 600. Big stack on my left goes all in for 10k. WTF? I don’t understand that raise.

In the blinds I call the button raise with 9 10 clubs. Flop comes 9 10 J, two diamonds. I check. He bets 1000 into a 1300 pot. I have 3700 and raise it to 2500. He pushes. I am confident I have the best hand, with him having a draw at best. I call to see 5 5. Huh? I was pot committed. What did he think that raise was going to do? I bump my way up over 8.5k.

I was a guy’s A A run into A Qs and have flashbacks to Sunday. The A Q had their straight on the turn but a Q hit the river for a split pot. Were was that on Sunday?!?!?!?!

I fold a lot until I get Cowboys in the SB. With the big stack still on my left, I raise it again hoping he would be froggy. Nope. Just blinds and antes come my way. So it’s time to start stealing blinds again.

But it is tough when your Q Q runs into K K. I am done in 48th. I saw the small raise and figured he had a ragged A at best. Thus I pushed on a 7 8 8 flop. I had figured on pushing pre-flop.


Oh well, back to the drawing board.


Anonymous said...

If there is a pair on the board, and you have a third of that rank in your hand, it is not a set. That is referred to as having trips. A set is explicitly comprised of a pocket pair, with a third card of that rank on the board.

StB said...
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Joe Speaker said...

nothing to be done there. QQ has been cursed for the last 48 hours. Saw it run into AA or KK 5 times last night (though I managed to fold it once to a re- re- re-raise, pre-flop).