Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Donk poker

I hadn't had much time to play any poker this week. I have had numerous things to take care on Monday and Tuesday and will have other stuff to do Thursday through Sunday. So when I had time to enter a tournament, I fired up PokerStars to check out the 20 table max tournaments they run. I have heard some good things and wanted to see how I would run.

Chipped up a bit early but gave it away. Then had each flop miss me again and again. Then I went card dead for about 45 minutes.

I was then short stacked and had to push with the power that is K 4. UTG had raised it with 8 8. But the K hit the flop and I double up. Next hand I push on the OESD flop and catch my straight on the turn to double again. I was now back to 2400 and in a spot to play. I move up to 4200 when my 10s hold up against A 5.

Next I donk it all away. I raise UTG with K Q spades. It folds to the BB and he pushes for 2800. I think and decide to call. Why? I thought I may be good there. Why? I don't friggin know! He shows A Q. Needless to say, no K and I am back to short stacked. I then push with K 9o and go up against a big stack who calls with K Js. See ya! Done in 42nd. I could have stayed tight and had a much better chance at cashing.

I had played rather patiently with my short stack to build up. I still can't understand why I didn't fold the suited K Q.

I have read a number of posts from others stating they think tournament poker is for suckers. They believe it comes down to getting lucky. That it is like playing the lottery. My comment would be that maybe you are playing tournaments like cash games. Or the wrong tournaments. It takes one good payout to make up for all the entry fees you pay. Along the way, you should be making the money here and there as well- not all the time but enough to make it worth while. If you are not, then you may not be cut out for it.

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