Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Just call or pot it?

I have been playing some PLO8 again. It presents a nice challenge and change of pace to hold em. But there is one aspect that keeps puzzling me. One that makes me wonder what others are thinking.

Here is the scenario. You are dealt A 2 x x. Say it heads up and the board ends up showing:
3 4 5 K Q

Based on the betting, it seems pretty obvious that you opponent is holding A 2 X X as well. So what is the best bet on the river?
  1. Bet the pot or check?
  2. Should you just call a raise here or do you mash the POT button knowing you can't lose?

I have been making the river bet but just calling the raise when I am confident we basically have the same hand. It would appear that all you are doing is raising the rake for the site but I see a lot of people getting the money in when a split is inevitable.

What do you split pot players thing?


BadBlood said...

There are times when the inevitability of a split isn't there. Against the $50 players, yeah, bet pot. Against better, players, be careful, they'll hold A26x at times and you'll be getting quartered more often than scooping.

Buffalo66 said...

Two thoughts come to mind:

1) Depending on stack sizes, I might just take my chances here. Definitely call down if you outstack opponent and take your lumps if you get quartered.

AA2 or A26 would have you very slim for high, assuming no flushes.

2) If you have been projecting a table image as a nut peddler, an experienced player might try to push you off this pot. I see this a lot with the good PLO8 players. if you reraise sometimes you might get a fold. Again, stack sizes matter here.

Also, if the player is a tight rock type, they play only scoopable hands: (A23x or AA2x, etc.)

Perhaps the player has nut straight w/ 67. Either that or he has a made wheel and no check/call button.

BWoP said...

Nut nut!!!

Drizztdj said...

This is where notes come into play (see Badblood's advice). If you get raised or three-bet on your river bet/raise by a regular you're facing A26X.

But, I've seen new players go nuts with a set of kings here hoping for half then berate you for the next 15 minutes.

Its all on the player.

KenP said...

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