Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tofu and poker

I was running pretty good on Sunday. The Brit Bloggament game was fun. I spent the first hour donking it up as my chip stack seemed like a yo yo. It was good because I was making moves just to get reactions. Sometimes they worked, sometimes they didn't. But it worked well because I did make it to the final table, finishing 5th. Yep, JJ no ok.

One hand that had some people freaking involved my play with 6 6 with 2 tables left. I believe I was in the cutoff and raised on a short handed table. The SB (a chip leader) called and we saw the flop. I believe it was K high (yeah, always a good idea to post 2 days later without any details written down). I check behind him. Turn was another K and we both checked. On the river I bet out just over a third of the pot, 1320 (Yes, that I remember because there was little rhyme or reason to that exact number) and was called. My sixes were good.

The reaction in the chat was interesting to me. It seemed like I was being criticized for the play. I am not sure why. My rationale was simple. Table seemed tight so a raise to take the blinds had a good chance of winning them. Checking behind seemed weak but so was my hand. But it also told me he whiffed as well. Thus when I made the bet on the river, I was extremely confident my opponent had A high. My only concern was him making a play on me and whether I could make the call had he come over the top with huge raise, putting my tournament on the line. Turns out my read was spot on and I took down the pot.

Does anyone here actually eat tofu? Anyone love it? If so, don't proclaim it in Colorado. Saw this and just didn't understand what the fuss was all about...

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