Thursday, March 16, 2006

SnG suckage

Though I had some success in MTTs lately, my SnG run has been brutally ugly. I had been running well but just have gone into the tank lately watching a $300 profit dwindle to just $50.

I have been looking through the notes trying to figure out what is happening. I am trying to not fool myself into thinking I have just been the victim of bad luck. I have taken some beats but who doesn't?

One thing I may have noticed is a hole in my game. It is possible to overplay A A preflop? I had my aces cracked 3 times when I got all my money in preflop. Each time they flopped the set and I was down early. The action was usually the same. Either I opened the action with a hefty raise, got re-raised and then I would push. Or I would re-raise them and call the all in bet.

Now I can see calling with the latter. But when I am opening the action, I am beginning to think I should be just calling the re-raise. That way I can protect myself if the flop is ugly, say all one suit or all paint. Plus, it could disguise the strength of my hand.

In the meantime, I am going to start playing some more ring games and get the basics down again. I may make a run at the WSOP qualifiers on Full Tilt.

Just some thoughts on how I have been getting smacked around. How are you playing your aces?

And why are there only 18 people signed up to play the first WPBT satellite this Sunday? This isn't a time to wait. Go to Paradise and put your name in!

Being the glutton for punishment, after I wrote this I opened a SnG on Paradise and took it down. Maybe reflection works.

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SirFWALGMan said...

Are you kidding (I hope so)? If the leak in your game is getting all the chips in pre-flop with AA then keep on leaking all day.. find something better.. lol.

I found my SNG game went to hell too and I can not figure it out either. I think these things are very streaky and hopefully will come back around..