Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Otis has written something that had me thinking (man, do I have a headache now!). I had actually asked myself two of these questions earlier today when someone made the comment about why I was still working and not playing poker for a living. To me the answer was quite easy. Then I read what Otis had to say. I decided to answer the questions he had posed.

1) I'm playing because I have more fun playing poker than playing any other game? Answer: Yes. I truly enjoy playing poker. I like the strategy involved, especially in tournament play.

2) I'm playing because I want to challenge myself and actually believe I am good at something? Answer: Yes. I think a lot of people don't realize how challenging poker can be. There is a definate discipline and skill level that needs to be built. A skill that can transgress to other activities in life.

3) I'm playing because I think I have the potential to eventually win life-changing money? Answer: Maybe. I think I could do well against a pro field but only on my best day. Best part of this is that I do not have a definitive answer. I am still learning. I realize I will always be learning. I know where I am at right now, and that level is below those on TV. Or at least that is my perception. I could be wrong. But on good day, yeah, I think I could play well enough to make some serious coin in a tournament.

4) I'm playing because I want to play professionally? Answer: No interest in being a pro at all. A good example is that I have no interest in winning a seat into the Main Event at the WSOP. It is scheduled for two weeks. I do not know if I could get that kind of time away from work.

5) I'm playing because I can't afford not to play? Answer: Not even sure what Otis meant by this. If it is that the games are easy money, I would say, kinda yes. Do I need to play? Nope.

6) I'm playing because I'm addicted to action? Answer: No. Beer maybe, but not gambling.

I am a firm believer in introspection. Not only in poker but in life. One of the worst things you can do is fool yourself. By knowing what, why, where and how you are doing, you can succeed.

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Shep said...

You know you play becouse you are a fucking donkey and if you don't remember you wrote a song about it
" i'm a donkey, donkey, donkey
i'm a donkey, donkey, donkey, i'm the best damn donkey in the room"
or someting like that, the words slured just a little after 67 fucking hours of listning to it.