Monday, March 20, 2006

But close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

Big congrats to Gracie for winning the first satellite last night. She played damn good and deserved to win. Well done!

I cannot be totally disappointed with how I did last night. I felt my game was on last night. At times I was in the zone making some good calls and what may have been good laydowns. Twice I folded Q Q when my bet on a flop with an overcard was re-raised. Other times I made a call with 10 10 and an overcard on the board to take down some good pots.

Those 10s were pretty damn good to me last night. I used them to re-raise F-Train on more than one occasion. They treated me very well. Except once. And then my outlook and survival looked bleak. I was doing good until my 10 10 ran into A K. I remember watching this happen to Iggy early on and was surprised by the play that was made. Then Iggy pushed after a raise and the call came very quickly. Instantaneously quick and Ig's A Qs was up against 10s. I was shocked that someone would call that fast with just pocket 10s.

I didn't make the call quickly like that but had to think about it. I was sure I was not up against an overpair. My reasoning for calling was he had A rag and I just had to avoid an A. Well it didn't happen and I went from being in the top 5 to the bottom quickly. It also didn't help that I didn't play a hand or steal for the next 45 minutes. Totally. Card. Dead.

I was quite frustrated that I just about made a move with A 3o. But stayed patient. I got back on the horse with a steal when I finally got something to play. The steals helped not only in getting some chips but in getting some confidence back. I was dead last when we got down to 20 people.

Then got I lucky with my 8 8 holding up. That gave me the boost I needed. I then got luckier when I just completed from the SB with K 7. I called EasyCure's flop bet when I had an OESD. A beautiful 5 on the turn filled my straight. My thought was how to maximize the play. To push or slow play. I figure pushing would look like an overpair play and that he had more than on e pair. He showed two pair and was crippled. Sorry Easy. Though it seems otherwise, I am not out to get you.

Suddenly after that rush, I went from being in last to 2nd. From just over 2000 to 33,000. Those 10s came back to help me again when I re-raised a steal attempt. I was sitting pretty going into the final table.

Our chip leader, the Poker Gnome, was killing the final table. He was a one man wrecking crew, continually raising and pulling some sick beats. I was somewhat content to let him do the work. But I didn't want him to pull away. I was keeping one eye on his stack to make sure when I got heads up with him that I wasn't at that big of a disadvantage.

Maybe I was thinking too far ahead. We got down to 3. Gracie had let the Gnome do the work as well, but she was just behind me. She took a lead when I tried a steal with Q J but she re-raised me. Next hand, I intended to get those chips backs.

My initial reaction when I saw my cards was a sign. K K. My eyes lit up and I smiled a bit. But then I had a bad thought. It was the kind of hand that you can dump a bunch of chips with. Little did I know that thought was right. I re-raised Gracie's bet. I was shocked to see her push there. Easy call for me as I felt I had the best hand. I have no problem getting all in with K K here. If I am against aces, so be it. I was surprised to see she had 5 5. I was sad to see a 5 hit the flop.

I was done.

That's poker.

I live by the mantra that I cannot be unhappy if I get a bad beat. They happen. The only control you have is to make the right move. Get you chips in when you have the best hand. I did. It just wasn't to be. It hurts to play all those hours and go out on a suckout. Next time, maybe the odds will hold up and I win the hand.

That is the best thing. There is a next time.


Easycure said...

My calling your 88 with QJ was the beginning of my undoing. I'm not so upset about the 2 pair losing to the straight, but that call.

I'm still learning this stupid game.....and maybe in the future I'll get a lot of action because of how I played near the end of this one.

Great job last night.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Good Job...I was being a railbird but they didn't let me yell at you to lay down the Kings. In any case, take on T.O. in Dallas? Jerry has sunk to a new low...serious, can't let a guy spike the ball on the star and bring him to the house for dinner and a nice dinner it is...25 mil over three years.

peacecorn said...

I just did NOT believe you had KK there. The way that final table went, I thought you might be just pushing me around a little.

I was wrong and I got really really lucky. You sir, however, played very well.

StB said...

Gracie, I wouldn't say you were wrong. You made a read and went with it. Say you just call the re-raise, something I may do to see the flop. Once the flop hit, my money was probaby going all in anyways.

You went with a read and it paid. It happens.

Congrats again.

Rooster, I am not too happy with the Owens signing but if it will help the team, it is good. I am not suddenly a fan. I want to see the Cowboys win and I do not doubt Owens' talent level. He is damn good.

FatBaldGuy said...

Congrats on your recent run in tourney play.

When the Cowboys picked up Keyshawn Johnson I was concerned, too. He turned out not to be a problem, but not really as successful as he should have been. I am not a T.O. supporter. Man, I wish Tex Schram were still alive and in charge.

Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Poor Big Tom must be rolling over in his grave or trying to dig himself out to kill J. Jones. Bring back Tom from the Grave!!

Sure anything to win...haha! Yeah, you seen what TO did in Philly...too much, I can see the melt down in Texas already.