Friday, November 19, 2004

Badger Poker...Patience, what is that?

I like playing at Stenys. There is a bit more room than some of the other places and usually the smoke isn't too bad with the fans spinning above. Even at a table with 5 smokers, the air clears up well. Unless you start at a tough table like I did on Thursday. Too many respected players were there. Twins Fans and his girl, Tigers hat, Cowboys fan and MGM. The biker was there as was a Bears fan on my right. A slightly greasy hair dude was across from me and next to him a quiet guy. Some good players to start against so I knew I was going to have to play smart and if necessary be patient. It was a good game plan. If only I would have stuck to it.

I didn't play many hands to begin with. Even folded both blinds, though when in the small blind I should have called the 500 bet with 6 others players in. Board wouldn't have done anything for me so it didn't matter in hindsight. I tried to steal a pot when I flopped a straight draw but Tigers fan moved all in behind me with his two pair. I took down a decent pot against the greasy hair guy. I was in the big blind with A 8 suited. Flop came J 8 4. Greasy hair guy bet out and I raised him 1200. He called. I liked the move that I made. I had read about getting free cards when you get a piece of the flop by raising back at the player. You can judge the true strength of their hand if they bet out, or if they check, there is a good chance you are ahead. It worked well this time as he checked turn and river, showing a pair of 8s as well. My ace kicker was good.

About the only other pot I won was just before the break. Had the Big Lick in the big blind and saw a flop of 9 8 8. I bet it out and everyone folded. There was one bad beat just before the break. Twins fan took the beating. Tigers fan delivered it. Flop came 5 6 3. Tigers fan bet out 2000. Twins came back all in. Tiger thought and thought and then called. I was wondering why the hell would someone play 7 4, knowing that one of them had exactly that. I realized Twins fan was in the big blind. Also knowing that he would only push like that with the nuts, it was the only possible hand he would have. He showed the big blind special when Tigers hat called. He was on the straight draw. But the board pair up the 4 and the 3 to give Tigers hat the full house. Runner runner delivers a near fatal blow. Ouch. To an extent that was some of the kind of play that was going on at times. Greasy hair was winning pots on the river and accumulated some chips. He was also calling down on any suited or ace high. Not a good player but one you want to see at your table to start with.

Halfway through the second session they broke us up. I was treading water most of the night, sticking to the plan. I hadn't received any good cards up to this point. Really, no great starting hands. At the new table, there were some other familiar faces. Twins fan's girl was moved there with me, Cowboys fan and 2 others. The whiny guy was there. I had played with the guy on my right before and knew him to be aggressive.

It was only 3 hands in that I forgot about the plan. UTG, I saw A 10. Now, being cold decked all night, that can suddenly look fantastic. Plus, I felt if I hit the flop I could take down a good pot. So I raised it 3000 (blinds 500/1000). It folded around to the big blind who called. Flop came A 5 6 and I pushed right after he checked. He called quickly. Shit! This cannot be good. I tossed my 6100 in and saw his A Q. Two kings fill the board and I am done.

Aggression killed me. What happened to patience? I wondered if I would have checked and seen the king if it would have mattered. The non-bet with an ace might have indicated that I had K K. I don't think it would have. In the end, I was aggressive when I didn't need to be with a mediocre hand. I had time to wait around and play but didn't. I just need to learn from this.

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