Thursday, July 26, 2007

BBT Freezeroll

I tried to play in the BBT freeroll freezeroll last night. When everything froze up 40 minutes in, I knew I didn't have the patience to continue if the delay was going to be long.

I had half the starting stack and was playing like crap. I guess being felted in the NL ring game had me on a slight tilt. People were chasing their flush draws and catching. On most nights it would be a beautiful thing to have them chase and miss but this wasn't most night. Cards just weren't coming my way.

The funny thing was, I wasn't upset in the ring game, but it upset me in the tournament. I wasn't getting pissed off that they idiots were calling preflop raises with K 6s and catching, but it was making me get upset when I made those stupid plays in the tournament.

In the freezeroll, I was playing too loose. I was making dumb bets. You know, those bets that make no sense as you are only going to be called or raised by the winning hand. I made some bad bluffs as well.

Thus when the delay was over 20 minutes, I knew it would be in my best interest to just call it a night. My mind wasn't in the game and I would need to double up just to get back into the game.

Congrats to whoever waited it out and won. Thanks again to Hoy, Mookie, Al and Don for the time spent setting up the tournaments and keeping the standings.

Hopefully I will be in a better frame of mind tonight for the Riverchasers tournament. The 6 pack in the fridge will definitely help.


Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

After about an hour ftp gave up and voided all active tournaments, including the BBT Freeroll. So you get another chance to try to hold on to those chips without playing ftp cash (donkey heaven) at the same time.

You were the smart one leaving as early as you did.

Wolverine Fan said...

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Sorry to hijack your blog. Won't happen again as this is a one time thing for me.

PokahDave said...

Jeez...I messed up...I meant to make a link of your post on my blog...OOps.