Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Hammer poker on TV

I haven't had the urge to actually play poker still. Sure I played last Thursday (I think) after coming home buzzed up at the bars. Somehow I won my SnG (been running bad) and felt like el campion del mundo. But beyond that I am still spending more time watching than playing.

The new season of High Stakes Poker started on GSN. It was Hammer night! A deal was made where all players would pay any guy who wins a pot with 7 2 $500. Ok, they did play the suited Hammer but made for some interesting play.

Everyone's favorite player, Phil Hellmuth, played the Hammer perfectly against The Mouth, Mike Matusow. Watch this, it is a thing of beauty. Especially after Mike needles him constantly just before the hand.

You have to love that re-raise from late position. Perfectly played. It also doesn't hurt that Esfandiari says "he could have seven deuce or pocket aces." Good bet on the turn. Matusow screws the pooch by just calling. A raise would force Phil to fold. On the river, Matusown talks himself into folding. Brilliant!!!

Of course Hellmuth would ruin it by proclaiming how good he is throughout the episode and even declaring that "people want to be part of the Phil Hellmuth show". UGH!

I tried to watch the WSOP yesterday as I did my fantasy football draft. Saw Michael Bruce Buffer (thx Duggle) tangle with Chris Moneymaker a couple of times but that was about it. Don't know if there were any amazingly bad calls shown but I am sure there had to be.


pokerpeaker said...

I hate to say it, but Hellmuth played that hand as well as any hand I've seen. I especially loved how he asked Mike how much he had, then bet 2/3rds of it, so it looked almost like a value bet rather than a bluff. Really well done. Mike played the hand badly, but going against Hellmuth, I think, made him play the hand that way. Hellmth re-raising him in a cash game would easily suggest AA or QQ or JJ to me, too, and those hands beat him. I hate to say I don't blame him for folding there or not raising on the turn. But raising on the turn is what he had to do there.

DuggleBogey said...

Bruce Buffer actually....Michael Buffer's brother.

Porkrind said...

Helmuth is honestly a very good player. Are you interested in a Monday Night Fantasy Football Poker League?