Wednesday, July 15, 2009

That Ivey guy plays a pretty good game

With Sebok gone, all eyes are on Phil Ivey. He's been in this spot twice
before in the last eight years. One bad hand against Chris Moneymaker in 2003
shaped the rest of the poker industry. Perhaps Ivey will get karmic payback and
make a run at the November Nine.

If Phil Ivey can advance one more day... everyone wins. The fans. The
suits. ESPN/441 Productions. The online poker moguls. The corporate sponsors.
Purina's Puppy Chow. The show shine guy in front of the Hooker Bar. Everyone.
That's what the public wants... more Phil Ivey. And the deeper that Phil Ivey
goes... the more money that everyone makes. Me included. Shit, I might just join
in with his rabid fans on the rail and chant, "Ivey! Ivey! Ivey!" every time a
dealer ships him a pot.

-Tao of Poker

Pauly is been spot on about what Ivey advancing to November would mean. Sure Phil Ivey is a poker mega star. And you must wonder what he thinks about people chanting his name from the rail as he stacks chips. Here is possibly the most calm, cool, and collected guy in the game today doing nothing more than his job by going deep in the biggest tournament of the year. For anyone to dodge bullets, handle the bad beats, and not get knocked out by some Euro donk who was gunning for his is a feat.

It could be the next pop for poker. The resurrection of online poker, especially Full Tilt. A pro winning the World Series of Poker could start another boom in convincing people that they want to play like him and can do it. Sure it sounds strange but I don't think it is that far fetched. You know ESPN would run with it on their broadcasts. A very quiet, likable guy with a chance to win it all.

Here's to hoping he can make it through another day.


OhCaptain said...

I think a deep run would be good for the game as well. We had the idea that anyone could win the Main rise to the little guys, but if a big name pro never goes deep, doesn't it just seem more like a craps shoot? A pro going really deep, and this pro in particular is gonna bring them back to our tables.

StB said...

That is exactly what I was trying to save but my command of words and sentences prevented me from making sense.

Thanks Captain!

KenP said...

I think this is a be careful what you wish for. Ivey's 'reluctance' will make for some Morry Povich moments in announcing it. I am sure he must be that announcing teams hero.

Ivey isn't going to change. Thinking he might seems a big stretch. Seeing him on Good Morning America is even a longer one.

Look at what's worked. It is the everyman. When they start talking about his big prop and sports bets and such, he won't carry middle America along for the ride. If they have any feeling for him it will be envy.

BamBam said...

There's all kinds of angles and sides to this story. The issue with human nature and jealousy that KP brings to the table, has a lot more merrit going for it than we think. There could be a legit attempt to vilify one of the good guys of Poker, just to get those ratings up.

Media and humans, it's all in their hands now! (scary huh!)