Thursday, October 29, 2009

Do I get a Mac?

It has been a couple weeks since I last played some poker. Work and other responsibilities have been getting in the way. When I have had some time I just haven't been interested in playing. When I have been interested I have arm wrestled with my pc to keep the game flowing. Too many times I have been playing 2-3 tables where I try to play some music just to have the system go into total lockdown mode. It pisses me off when it happens and I can only think how it perturbs the others at the table.

The pc is around 10 years old. I have tried to clean it up the best I can (read: best I know how) but think it is time to put it out to pasture. Especially now that the monitor seems to be breaking down as well going into a yellow screen mode. Seriously, how can I play poker and watch porn if the screen goes yellow?

So do I make the big jump to a Mac? I am leaning that way. Would rather spend the extra dollars and have something that I can rely on. People I know with Macs rarely have anything bad to say. But pcs are so much cheaper. Word is Windows 7 is much better and reliable.

Do I go laptop vs. desktop? Laptops are convenient but I get more with the desktop. Considering the iPhone is like a little laptop makes me lean to a basic iMac.

One thing I have considered is how easily I can play poker on a Mac. According to, Full Tilt and Poker Stars have access but Bodog does not. It is enough to keep me going while plugging in the pc elsewhere when needed.

Given the option, what would you smart people do? Mac vs. pc? Lap vs. desk?


Tycou said...

Frankly, any computer you choose today, be it a laptop/PC/Mac, will be 100x better than your 10 year old PC. Personally, I use a non-Mac laptop, and it works well for me. I like the portability of a laptop. Don't feel like I'm getting too much less than a PC. Laptops are pretty jacked nowadays. Can't comment on Macs - never used one.

pokerpeaker said...

I love my Macs and both Full Tilt and Pokerstars have Mac versions that are stable and solid. I love my Mac, and I love a laptop. I'll never buy a desktop again. But if you like your iPhone maybe you'd be OK with a desktop. If you REALLY like your iPhone, do you need a puter at all?

gadzooks64 said...

As Tycou said, anything you buy today will be light years ahead of what you are using.

I, too, prefer the laptop. If you are so inclinded you can get a HUGE laptop and enjoy awesome video or go for a smaller, more lightweight version.

Windows 7 is AWESOME! I just installed it on my Toshiba gaming laptop after upgrading my netbook and my sons' laptops with it. I am sure it will knock your socks off compared to anything you've been running on that ancient desktop.

My 2¢:

Intel processors>>>>>AMD
Discreet graphics>>>>>on board graphics
More RAM>>>>>Less RAM

Happy shopping!

smokkee said...

Bodog poker is accessible via the web. only cash games though.

BadBlood said...

I too love my MacBook Pro. It was expensive, that is true, but if you buy at the Mac Store on line, you can get interest free for a year on most purchases.

I run native FullTilt and Pokerstars clients without any problems whatsoever. I chose the laptop because it's both powerful enough to run what I want and I've got it hooked up to an external LCD for extra screen space when I'm in my "office."

I've also purchased the Crossover software which allows me to install and run whatever Windows software I might need. I run Office XP on my Mac this way since I had the software already and didn't want to pay for a full Mac client.

Basically, it rocks. IMHO.

Drizztdj said...

Laptop, easier for mobile beer drinking.

BLAARGH! said...

I use a 17" macbook (the big laptop) and use Parallels to run FT and Stars in PC mode. The only reason I do that (the mac versions run perfectly well) is because of Holdem manager. The most tables I ever run is about 4, but I've gone to 6 with no problem and I think other folks do more. HEM is a bit sluggish in terms of bringing up graphs and changing filters but I've never had any sluggishness with the HUD or with tables while I'm playing (barring connection problems). I would guess that running bootcamp would take care of the speed issues since you would be running natively. You can also hook up a separate monitor if you find yourself running out of screen real estate.
I use macs for work, and use my big fast laptop for work at home so there's not much reason for me to own a pc besides poker. If you intend on using your computer ONLY for poker, maybe a cheap pc would be good. If you intend on doing all the groovy mac stuff (music, photo stuff, movie stuff etc...) then get a mac. I like at least having the option to run both systems, which you don't get with a PC.
One of the best things I've been using my laptop for lately has been hooking it up to my HD TV. There is a $15 DVI to HDMI cable that plugs you right in, you can watch any QT, netflix, HULU... hell you can use your big TV to play poker if you want (and yes, I've done it :) This will work on any computer that has DVI out, not just a mac, but the mac os makes plugging and unplugging stupidly easy.
I guess that's enough rambling, good luck with whatever you get :) said...

I made the switch from pc to mac and I could not be happier. For everything I do the mac seems to just be easier.

It is a personal decesion though. Most people don't care for change and will stick with pc. Windows 7 may also be something to try if you don't want to change.

OhCaptain said...

PC or Mac. Both have good and bad points. I'm looking at Macs right now, but face a steep climb rebuying some software I use quite often.

Big thing for me would be to get a laptop. Desktops aren't that much more powerful any more. If you are using a 10 year old computer, there's nothing offered by a desktop and not a laptop that you're used to.

McCarran airport has wi-fi. Which is enough for me to want my laptop.