Monday, February 15, 2010

Why can't I always flop a straight flush?

I have come to the realization that I don't necessarily play poker to make money. I play because I enjoy the game. I want to win and make money but that isn't usually my first motive when I sit down to play. I want to have a good time first, win second, and not lose a lot third.

I think that is why I have played more Omaha Hi Lo over the past year. I did lose a couple hundred learning the game playing at stakes I wasn't ready for. But I have begun to recoup those losses as I play. I do enjoy the game quite a bit more than hold em. But lately I find myself playing the two card game again.

I am a creature of habit. When Vegas is on the horizon I sit down and play NL Holdem more to shake the rust off. That is what I did yesterday on PokerStars. With the of the 40 Billionth had out there I thought I would play and take a shot of a nice bonus. I knew the bonus was going to happen as I logged in way too early and there were still 200 million hands to go. But play I did.

I was playing .25/.50 only as my bankroll is on low on PStars. I had two tables up. First hand I get in the BB is 3 5 diamonds. 3 callers and the SB completes. I check to see a flop of A 2 4, all diamonds. Holy Macaroni! I had to blink a couple of times to make sure one of them wasn't a heart. My eyesight was fine. Sure enough I had flopped a straight flush. Damn this game is easy! I made a min bet to see what would happen. At these stakes I know people are folding if they have face card and a diamond. Maybe someone else flopped a flush as well. I get raised by a player in MP. Sweet! The board pairs up the 4 on the turn. Not sure if that helps or hurts me. I check hoping some flopped a set and just improved. MP bets out again. This time I raise him back just a bit over the size of his bet. I feel pretty good that I won't scare him away. I don't as he come over the top. Just about a double on the first hand. So easy is this game.

I would go on to post a small profit on the other table as well. I am sure I made some mistakes as I played. But the goal is to be confident by March. I don't want to be the Mastodon they others are trying to take down.


Drizztdj said...

I guarantee that PL/NLO8 will be part of the poker game if there's a home game.

K said...

The image of you as a mastodon we are all hunting is funny.