Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What say them? Apparently nothing

Black Friday. The ultimate 'doomsday switch' has been flipped. For some, they lose a bit of cash that they had online. For others, they had a sizable chunk on some sites and it looks like it is gone. And worse yet, some very good people are literally out of a job. Their livelihoods snuffed out like the end of a cigarette.

I know some good people that relied on this industry for their income. Some are out of a job. Others? Well we don't know at this point so we can only hope for the best. I am hoping that with the European sites still going that they can still grab a paycheck, if they so desire.

What is else is there to say that hasn't been already said?

Not much except for one little thing. I had money on both Full Tilt and PokerStars. Maybe $1500 total. I never consider it to be real. It was always just those electronic numbers. It was money to have fun with.

My issue is that there has been no word from either company yet. I don't expect an email telling me what has happened to that money. What I would like is for someone there to tell us what they are doing about the whole thing. It wouldn't be that tough for them to bust out an email explaining what they are doing and tell us their side and what they think can happen.

Or in other words, reach out to your customers and reassure them you still care about them. This may be some of the worst PR in the history of the world. I have worked for companies that have had fisticuffs with the feds. They made sure they kept customers informed about what was happening and their position. I don't think it would be that difficult for PStars or Full Tilt to do the same.

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BLAARGH! said...

looks like you posted a bit too soon stb :)

But you're right, bad PR.