Sunday, June 12, 2011

The damn jack

It checked around to me in the big blind. I rapped the table and 4 of us saw the flop come down: 10 7 10. My heart picked up a bit. I checked knowing the guy to my left was going to make a play at the pot. Sure enough, he did, betting 6000. I began thinking about how I was going to play this. Call or raise. But I had to wait.

Action went to the big stack on the other side of the table. He was a loud mouth, a cocky SOB who wasn't as clever as he thought he was. He breathed through his mouth a bit before announcing with over confidence "All in".

Small blind folded and before I could act, the bettor announced he called. The cocky SOB flipped his cards over quickly announcing he had trips before I could say anything. Someone else noticed they had passed over me and tried to say something but the cocky SOB was making too much noise.

When things calmed down, I told them I was calling as well and turned over the flopped boat, tens over sevens. The cocky SOB calmed down for maybe a second. I looked and saw he had J 10. I even said aloud "I need to fade a jack".

The turn was a jack and the cocky SOB went off again. Worse part, the twat was mocking me. "Thanks for calling, thanks for calling!" Its bad enough to get hit with a bad beat but worse when it is to the table douche nozzle. I tried to remain calm as I left my seat but I was more pissed at this asshole mocking me after he got in with the worst of it.

There is nothing you can do when the cards come down. I got my chips in with the best hand and it didn't hold up. It happens. Not the first time and it won't be the last time. Even worse, it won't be the last time some dickhead gets lucky and thinks that it was there "high level of play" that won a hand.


PokahDave said...

Gotta love the people railing. He prob. talked them into thinking he made the right move. Was this a charity tourney? Good Grief...

Learn Poker said...
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Learn Poker said...

I could only imagine that guy – wearing shades with a 40-degree titled baseball cap, heavily tinted shades, a turtleneck sweater and a gold necklace. Smart or not, cocky or silent, it sometimes really doesn’t matter; while it takes a lot of skill to play poker, luck still is a bigger factor.

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