Thursday, August 25, 2011


Like many others have lamented, I miss online poker. Especially on a night like this. There is crap on TV. I have the Ravens/Redskins game on mainly because the Brewers have the day off.

Tonight would have been a good time to fire up Full Tilt and play some sit n gos. But that can't happen. For shits and giggles I fired the software up. Knowing their problems I was curious to see what would happen.



I can't bring myself to play some of those play money games on Facebook either.

Makes me think I should go down to Potowatami to see what is going on down there.


Easycure said... final tabled my first tounament (600+ runners). I think that automatically means the games could be described as soft.

lightning36 said...

Dang -- with the Brew Crew having its best season in ages I am surprised that poker is on your radar.

StB said...

Well, the Brewers had the day off.

Unknown said...

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