Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Charity poker

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Tomorrow I will be partaking in a charity poker game. Half of the $20 entry goes to the United Way or somewhere else. The other half to some sort of prize(s). Not quite sure what prizes are being given away or what the structure might be.

My gut feeling is that this could be a joke. If there are people who do not have a clue how to set up a tournament running the event, it could be a disaster. But it doesn't matter too much because it is for a good cause.

Plus, they are encouraging side action. Get this. If you aren't going to play, you can place a "bet" on who you think may win. For your $10 donation, you can win something if your player does win. Plus, for every bet the player receives, they get extra starting chips. Uh, ok.

Makes me feel like trash talking others. I mean, do they understand they are going up against the Good & Plenty Championship Champion? I may have to go buy a box and spill some out onto the table...

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